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Chancery Legal Expert Disputes Lawyers

Specialising in complex litigation and conflict resolution-based matters.

Chancery Legal is a multi-disciplined law practice specialising in complex litigation and dispute resolution-based cases.

Our litigation and dispute lawyers practice in all jurisdictions of Queensland and Northern New South Wales. We have a unique approach and skills in handling even the most complex matters. As a result, our litigation lawyers have a strong reputation in the community for success in Litigation and dispute resolution cases.

While we find Alternative Dispute Resolution is always the preferred option for many clients when trying to resolve disputes, sometimes the parties in conflict cannot agree, which then can result in litigation.

We use a forensic approach to all cases from the commencement of our agreement. This strategy ensures an accurate assessment of your matter to decide how you may wish to progress — we are conscious from the start of the various costs of litigation, both financially and commercially and will make you aware of this before we begin your case.

Litigation and dispute lawyers

While the preferred goal always is to resolve the dispute through either settlement or consent orders, we find this often requires a period of exploration to ascertain the facts and the parties testing the strength of each other’s case at law. Although good litigation lawyers possess strong communication and negotiation skills in expansion, great litigation lawyers present a convincing legal argument favouring your position. If you are the plaintiff or the defendant, no task is too small or too big for our team.

Commercial Disputes

Whether it is a dispute with a partnership, between shareholders or obligations between commercial contracts we can help.

Consumer Law Disputes

We can help with legal issues arising from business practices and contracts


Has your character been damaged due to defamation either online or another publication?

IP Disputes

Need a specialist legal team to help protect your business brand, name, logo or copyright?

Property Law Disputes

Our property dispute lawyers specialise in resolving commercial or residential property disputes.

Wills & Estates Disputes

Need help with inheritance and estate legal disputes, our experienced team can help.

Chancery Legal’s scope of litigation and dispute resolution-based matters

Our primary scope of litigation and dispute resolution-based matters are Corporate Disputes, Building Disputes, Property Disputes, Defamation, IP disputes (Copyright Disputes, Trademark Disputes), Commercial Disputes, Consumer Law Disputes and Will Disputes. Further, we have been instrumental in achieving remarkable outcomes in Property Law, Corporate / Commercial law, Conveyancing and Wills & Estates.

Corporate and Commercial Law

When it comes to Corporate and Commercial law, our industry-savvy team supports a strong focus on strategic and commercial outcomes to advance your interests. Some of our Corporate and Commercial lawyers have also been successful in large commercial enterprises before entering the legal profession.

Property Law

The Australian Property Law can encompass plan contracts, including first home buyers to property developers undertaking complex mixed-use projects, put and call options, leasing, licences, acquisition, or due diligence. 

With transactions and due diligence considerations ranging from $100,000 up to $160 million, we currently serve a wide range of Gold Coast and wider Queensland and New South Wales based clients. Our Property Lawyers have the expertise to provide vital professional advice and representation in all areas of Property Law.

property law gold coast


We all know that when it comes to conveyancing, buying or selling a property is an involved one, whether you are an experienced investor, first-time property owner or looking to sell your property. Here at Chancery Legal, we offer exceptional support to streamline contracts whether you are buying or selling a property. By guiding you through each stage of the agreement, from the first perusal to settlement, with an added personalised touch.

Wills & Estates

Being the executor of an estate can feel overwhelming, particularly in times of emotional heartache. In other circumstances, as the deceased’s spouse, child or dependant you may feel as though you have not been adequately represented or provisioned for in the will of a deceased person; you may want to challenge the Testator’s decisions or “contest the will”. 

Our team at Chancery Legal will support you through these difficult times, producing effective resolutions of minor will and estate disputes through to million-dollar litigation.

Recent Reviews

Michael Vogelsang
Michael Vogelsang
I have had several dealings with this law firm over the past 2 years. The team has gone over and above to deliver the results I was trying to achieve. This includes saving my Development Company $1.4 million dollars from a civil contractor that was not doing the right thing. They gave me a upfront estimate and stuck to that price. Thanks team and I would highly recommend this law firm to anyone in professional needs.
Lawrence Cocerhan
Lawrence Cocerhan
Troy was very professional and helped us twice with our legal matters. Prompt, experienced legal advice. Highly reccommended to anyone looking for help with any legal matters.
Jason Perret
Jason Perret
The knowledge and protection offered by Chancery law firm is second to none. There vast and extensive Knowledge of all legal situations has been proven time and time again with a variety of unfortunate legal issues we have encountered. Thank you to all the team for your amazing work.
Helga Bennett
Helga Bennett
Jon, Troy and the team at Chancery Legal have an amazing ability to forensically dissect and put together complex case solutions at a high level in a very cost effective manner. Highly recommend.
Nigel Patterson
Nigel Patterson
Have worked with the team at Chancery Legal for many years across a number of disciplines, conveyancing, my will and they saved my company in a litigation matter, I highly recommend.
Very professional and great legal advice.
Nick Flint
Nick Flint
Emma Milton
Emma Milton
The team at Chancery Legal are fantastic to work with and are absolutely my preferred choice of litigation firm.
ajay amin
ajay amin
Great professional service and highly recommend Chancery Legal. Thank you.

The team at Chancery Legal


Our expert litigation team has acted in and been successful with several large scales and highly complex actions. We follow a ‘cut to the chase’ policy to be as effective and efficient for your litigation and dispute resolution-based matters. Following this policy ensures that we can quickly identify the critical, key issues in your dispute, reducing time and expense in resolving the matter. 

Our litigation lawyers have a demonstrated track record in obtaining successful results for their clients. Through extensive negotiation skills resulting in favourable settlements or taking a tenacious and robust approach to matters requiring the court’s determination. Our Practice’s success stems from our overriding philosophy of taking a holistic approach and strategy in all matters, regardless of their complexity. 

The Chancery Legal team services the Gold Coast to Brisbane and surrounding areas. We can also service from Northern NSW to the Sunshine Coast, depending on the case.

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Please do not hesitate to meet with our team of experienced litigation lawyers on the Gold Coast or in Brisbane to gain clarity and guidance on your case and next steps. So why not book your obligation free consultation today or give us a call on (07) 5636 6201.